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Portion Guide


Celebration Cakes

Single Tier 6" Cakes - Feeds up to 25

Wedding Cakes

Two tier 5" & 7" - Feeds up to 50

Three tier 5", 7" & 9" - Feeds up to 95

Four Tier 5", 7", 9" & 11" - Feeds up to 165

How to cut your cake:

Step no. 1

Grab a chopping board. Gently holding the chopping board next to your cake, cut straight across the cake, parallel to your board. Using the board as support, lower your cake slice down.

Step no. 2

Depending on how large you would like your portions to be, cut vertically across this piece of cake until you have the desired amount of slices.

Step no. 3

Finally, cut across these pieces horizontally and serve. Repeat steps 1-3 until you've cut as many portions as needed.

Cake Serving Guide

Cakes are delicate. If you have any questions please reach out!

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